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Did you know the U.N. also wants extra powers to govern in any kind of emergency? 

The United Nations has a new emergency platform called “Our Common Agenda.”

Local file here.

There are 11 Policy Briefs on the themes of “Our Common Agenda”; 8 are published, 3 are ‘forthcoming.’

The Policy Briefs are as follows, local copies for posterity:

Future Generations

Emergency Platform

Youth Engagement

Beyond Gross Domestic Product

Global Digital Compact

Information Integrity

International Financial Architecture

Outer Space

Towards a New Agenda for Peace (forthcoming)

Transforming Education (forthcoming)

United Nations 2.0 (forthcoming)

From the “Our Common Agenda Report” by the UN Secretary General António Guterres

“Our Common Agenda is an agenda of action, designed to strengthen and accelerate multilateral agreements – particularly the 2030 Agenda – and make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Our Common Agenda contains recommendations across 4 broad areas for renewed solidarity between peoples and future generations, a new social contract anchored in human rights, better management of critical global commons, and global public goods that deliver equitably and sustainably for all.

Our Common Agenda presents the Secretary-General’s vision on the future of global cooperation through an inclusive, networked, and effective multilateralism.”

Local copy here.

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