Some much appreciated press and mentions about our new project:

A New Door to Freedom by John Klar

Countering the WHO’s “Global Tyranny”: Launch of a New Doorway to Freedom

Launch of a New Doorway to Freedom

Door to Freedom was founded by U.S. doctor Meryl Nass and launched just over a week ago. It aims to collate and publish information from experts and campaigners around the world relating to threats to our human rights and freedoms we are facing from the WHO, UN and other supranational bodies as they seek to strengthen their power, influence and control over national public health policies in health emergencies.

Launch of a New Doorway to Freedom

Bose Ravenel, MD, FAAP

The attached interview of Dr. Meryl Nass by Dr. Joe Mercola is the single most comprehensive analysis of the global cabal threatening civilization with totalitarian rule I have seen. In my now estimated 4,700 hours studying all aspects of CoVID-19 over the past 3 plus years, and more recently additional but related areas of the Great Reset written about by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (WEF), the WHO and its pandemic preparations, and even the insane so-called “trans” and woke movement – this ties them all together and provides links to limitless additional resources.

Being already familiar with many of the components of this “web” of interconnected areas, I can attest to the validity and seriousness of it all. I further believe seriously that as warned by Dr. Nass and Dr. Mercola, barring a sufficient number of citizens world-wide becoming aware of the traps being laid out in seductive ways and moving to resolute refusal to comply with the ever- expanding incursions on Constitutional and legal rights, we all will find ourselves not to far into the future living in an Orwellian nightmare. This would look a lot like life for citizens now in Russia, Iran, and Communist China. Surveillance 24/7, “passports” tied into complying with an ever-expanding number of requirements (increasing numbers of vaccines, limiting individual “carbon footprint”, limiting use of energy, other resources, travel, what we eat, etc.

You will note on the final page, in the final paragraphs, mention of what promises to be a Portal for credible, reliable information about the wide array of interconnecting areas involved. This was just put up for the first time yesterday and will become active imminently. I encourage all to take a look by clicking the

There you will find a vast dynamic, continually updated repository of sources from the most knowledgeable experts in the world, untainted by vested interests as characterize those pushing these nefarious policies and actions on the world. Those unfamiliar with these matters often on first glance tend to react with “conspiracy theory” only to discover too late that they were indeed conspiracies. I can testify that my own study and sharing of these kinds of information over the past three years or so have, to my regret, proven for the overwhelming majority of controversial areas to be proven true.